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ML700S Mechanical High Speed paper plate machine
Introduction of ML700S automatic paper plate forming machine:

ML700S high-speed automatic paper plate (tray) machine is independently developed and designed according to market needs. It has the functions of automatic pneumatic paper sucking paper feeding, heating forming, automatic dishing, constant temperature control, automatic counting, and stacking. It can be directly matched Assembly line production. It is an ideal equipment for producing round paper plates, square paper plates and special-shaped paper plates (plates) of various specifications.

Compared with the traditional automatic paper plate machine, ML700S paper plate (plate) machine is redesigned and utilizes the principle of mechanical motion, which has higher production speed, more stable performance, safer operation, more convenient maintenance and more humane Structural design and other advantages.

The ML700S automatic high-speed paper plate machine adopts a fast mechanical cam with a maximum pressure of 4T. Compared with ordinary cylinders, it has the advantages of faster, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

ML700S high-speed automatic paper plate (pan) machine is widely used to produce plates (pans) made of paper or aluminum foil. By changing molds, round or square dishes and plates of different specifications and shapes can be produced.

The main technical parameters:
Paper plate specifications: Paper diameter within 160 (diameter, round paper plate) (the mold can be changed);
Paper materials: 140---600 g/m² (base paper, white paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil or others);
Production speed: 90-150/min
Power requirements: 380V 50Hz;
Total power rate: 3 KW;
Machine weight: 800 KG;
Dimensions: (length x width x height) 3800 x 1000 x 1350 mm;
Supporting gas source requirements: working pressure 0.4MPa, working gas volume 0.4 cubic meters per minute;
Other remarks: We can customize paper plate machinery of various specifications according to customer requirements.
Attachment: The machine comes with a set of molds for free, customized according to customer requirements.

After-sale service
1. Quality is the foundation of survival, service is the way of development, our after-sales service is timely, the quality is excellent, and the warranty period is one year.
After the equipment leaves the factory, the company sends professional and technical personnel to install and debug the equipment and produce qualified products that satisfy customers. One year free warranty and lifetime technical support.

(Post-service: The company sets up professional and technical personnel to visit all parts of the country, visits customers regularly, and discusses with customers in time to solve new problems in use. And cooperates with customers to formulate sales plans. Let customers buy with peace of mind and use comfortably Our diligent pursuit.)