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400J superlarge hydraulic paper dish (plate) machine

Product introduction:

is designed according to the specific needs of customers, mainly for the production of large size, as well as the use of extra thick paper as raw materials ,paper plates.
This machine is designed according to the specific size of the paper, the thickness of the paper to design the size of the machine, the size of the hydraulic cylinder.
The above picture shows that the machine is a 12 ton pressurized cylinder super large paper machine for the production of paper thickness of 500-2000 g / square meters of  paper plates.

Technical Parameter:



Diameter of Paper Dish

Large tray (mould replacement)


12-25Pcs/min (one working station)

Power Source

380V 50HZ

Total Power






Raw Material

According to the customers’ demands(original paper, white paperboard, white cardboard, aluminum foil or others)

Air Source

Working pressure4.8Mpa

Working air volume 0.5m3/min