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DGT-ML Full Automatic Cake Tray Forming Machine

Product introduction

DGT-ML uses mechnical chuck with pneumatic to chuck,put and seperate papers automatically,mould stamping punch forming, ejection and other processes.It can produce various  of cake trays by changing mouldi.
This device  has following advantages: frequency ontrol of mechanical transmission,heating temperature automatic controlling, simple operation, high efficiency, stable performance.

Main technical parameter

paper size


raw material

Greaseproof paper ,aluminum foil paper


15-120 g/m2


2040 Times/min1530 papers/time

Power source

220V 50Hz

total power

2.5 KW


500 KG

Dimensions ( L x W x H )

1600×1140×1400 mm

Supporting air

Pressure of work 0.6MPa Work volume 0.3m3/min